As a digital marketer, you are always under immense pressure to deliver results. However, bounced emails can cause serious problems to your email campaigns. It can affect your domain reputation negatively. Thankfully, there are ways you can improve email deliverability to save your email campaigns. Therefore, we have shared the top proven ways and email deliverability best practices.

6 Top Ways to Improve Email Deliverability:

1. Build Your Domain Reputation:

Building your email sender reputation is extremely important for a digital marketer. To see your emails reach your recipient’s inbox is like winning a lottery. That is why it is wise to create a sub-domain for your emails. This will allow you to keep the sender’s reputation high. Thus, a dedicated server and domain name for email marketing can increase credibility. ISPs will also be able to deliver your emails.

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Master Email Deliverability

2. Up Your Sender Score:

A high sender score is another important indicator of a good email domain. Ideally, a sender score must be above 80+. A high score means a healthy email server. So, you can enjoy a high sender score with a robust SMTP server by Alpha InfoLab.

3. Refine your email subscribers: High Deliverability Guaranteed

You must already have a good list of subscribers with you. However, it is always good to segment and refines your email lists. This will eliminate invalid emails that can increase your email bounce rate. If you have a high email bounce rate, your domain reputation is bad. Your send score is very bad too. Therefore, to keep the bounce rates lower or nil, refine your email subscriber list.

It is also better to avoid building email lists from free giveaways or competitions. In order to win the end reward, participants can use fake email addresses to enter the competitions or draws. So, even if you have gathered email lists in this manner. Ensure that you vet the lists thoroughly before you place them in an email sending software.

4. Send Relevant Emails:

When your recipients receive relevant emails, they are more likely to read them through. Your click-through rate will also increase. So, make sure you create email content that is relevant to the recipients. Relevant content must add value to your readers. Thus, conduct good research about your recipients in order to create the relevant email content.

5. Check for Spam in Subject Lines:

An attractive subject line is extremely important to compel your subscribers to open your emails. If the subject line contains spam words, it can deter recipients from opening the emails. Even more so, your email may not reach the inbox. Rather it lands up in the spam folder. Thus, to make sure the subject lines are perfect, check them with our spam filters first, before you send out the emails. Your recipients must get a good picture of what lies inside the email. A good subject line is catchy as well as descriptive.

6. Confirm Double opt-in:

It is equally important to build a good list of recipients that have opted-in to get your emails. A single opt-in is not enough, so ensure you have a double opt-in. This will help you to create a good and clean email list. Double opt-in confirmation will ensure that your email campaign is in accordance with GDPR and CAN-SPAM rules.

Master Email Deliverability:

So, email deliverability is a systematic process. Thus, when you follow all the 6 ways to improve email deliverability, you will master it. Moreover, it is also important to take anti-spam measures and test your emails with A/B testing to ensure successful email marketing campaigns.

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