When you want an automated email marketing service for your business, which is better, free or paid? Free has its own set of good features. However, you may have to compromise on security and safety of your business email account. Whereas, paid email services could be expensive, but when you want the best emailing services, you have guaranteed secure communications.

Email Marketing in Digital Marketing is one of the best ways to get the best click-through rates. Especially, after COVID-19, people and businesses have been using emails to communicate with each other more than ever. In 2019, 2.6 billion U.S. dollars were spent by businesses on Digital Lead Generation Advertising.

Let us first understand what we mean by an email marketing service.

What is an Email Marketing Service?

An Email Marketing Service is one which provides the best tools to digital marketers to send out multiple email campaigns to reach recipient inboxes. Email marketing is one of the best ways to reach your audience on their mobile or laptop and know when to reach them.

Every business these days is looking for the best email marketing service to launch email campaigns or newsletter campaigns. Emailing or mailing services equip email marketers to send out the best campaigns through mail automation. Moreover, the GDPR aspect of marketing mails also must be fulfilled.

Free Emailing Services:

There are lots of free email service offers you must have come across. However, using a free service for your business emails can greatly affect the quality of your campaigns. Moreover, your business correspondence may not be secure enough and you may not have access to their best features and tools.

A better way to approach and try a service is to choose a free trial of a paid service. This will help you to know their features like templates, spam filters, advanced email marketing tools, A/B testing, and much more.

Paid Emailing Services: Best

On the contrary, paid email offers more features, and access to tools. Additionally, when you want to sending bulk marketing mails to recipients, paid marketing is much better. The most important aspect of bulk emailing or just running marketing campaigns is GDPR and CAN-Spam compliance. Also, monitoring, analyzing and reporting email open rates, click throughs and bounces is more advanced.

Free Vs. Paid – Which are the Best Emailing Services?

Security and Privacy:

When it comes to privacy and security, a free service could just be using your data and customer data and monetizing by selling it. This is illegal and you must be aware that free email services could be doing just that, use your personal information to make money. Whereas, a paid version will keep all business and customer data secure and encrypted. You are better off going with a paid service, since your customers trust your brand, and you do not want to break their trust.

Tools and App Integrations:

A good paid email marketing service will ensure that the best and advanced tools and app integrations are in place. For example, Google Calendar to help schedule campaigns, or Google Analytics to analyze customer and email data. This will make email automation easy and will provide you with an agile and seamless experience. Whereas, free services do not provide advanced integrations and email marketing can become difficult and you have to settle for basic tools.


Emails must be easy to access from anywhere by anyone. Whether your customer is using a mobile or their laptop. This kind of flexibility and accessibility can be enjoyed in a paid service. High quality email templates also are compatible and responsive to any kind of device in a paid service. Whereas, a free service may lack this kind of advanced accessibility and your customers may suffer poor email quality.


When it comes to designing your email campaign or newsletter campaign, beautiful templates are a must. A great email template design will ensure that your branding is perfect. This is achieved in a paid email setup. Even the email domain name can be your company brand name in a paid service. This ensures confidence and trust in your brand because all communication with your business is with the business name.


Free email services are free, meaning you will gamble saving money with low quality services. Whereas, a paid service ensures that they provide high-quality tools and services for an affordable price. In the long run, a paid service will pay off and get on track with your email marketing campaigns.

Paid Emailing Service Is The Best:

Therefore, by looking at all the features a paid service provides when compared to a free service, we can conclude that paid emailing service is the best. Moreover, a paid service gives you the option to cancel the subscription anytime you are not happy with their services.

On the bright side, you can ask for a free trial of an email marketing service anytime, without paying anything.

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