When your business is planning to scale up your services and products, only the best emailing services can guarantee success. There are some superb features an emailing service brings to your business. It is not just a service to send and receive emails, but a corporate communication channel that can streamline your marketing campaigns. So, if you are a business owner or an email marketer, here are some feature you must look for in an emailing service.

Features in the best emailing services:

Let us take a look at a few must-have features you must have in an emailing service:

Email Marketing Software:

An email software that lets you manage your business emails, is a great way to start. A good email software is easily scalable as your company grows. It also has a robust server that is equipped with simple mail transfer protocol (SMTP) with Transfer Layer Security (TLS). Therefore, this technology keeps all your email transfers secure and encrypted.

Email Designer:

Creating a campaign starts with an attractive design. A good email software has numerous templates you can choose and customize. Use designing tools to design your own email campaign. You can even design multiple campaigns using this feature.

Contact Management:

Managing your email contacts is one of the toughest jobs for an Email marketer. Contact management can be a time consuming. However, with a good email software, you can surely create multiple contact lists for different campaigns using segmentation. Create awesome website contact forms for your visitor to contact you instantly. Also create a separate contacts who do not want to be contacted.

Email marketing

Advanced Email Marketing tools:

Email marketing is a success when you are able to conduct A/B testing. A/B testing lets you test your campaigns, compare and choose the one that works. Advanced tools enable you to create email triggers, like birthdays, cart abandonment, etc. to send emails to your contacts. You can even log an event automatically or manually. Integrate your contacts with Google Calendar, so that updates are automatic. There are tools that also allow you to create surveys and feedback forms.


It is extremely important for your email campaigns to reach your contact’s inboxes. There are tools where you can track your emails, track hard bounces, and soft bounces. Also understand why your emails were bounced, was it an invalid email id or the domain was blocked. Whatever the reason, tools allow you to track advanced bounce, or put unsubscribed contacts in the global email address suppression, etc.

Also, you can even use anti-spam measures to avoid spamming. When you opt for an optional dedicated IP address for email marketing, then you can save your business from IP address block. This step can increase the chances to increase deliverability.

Statistics and Reporting:

Analysing your email campaigns is an important step to know the progress of your campaigns. Which campaigns work and which don’t. This feature in an emailing service can really help a marketer to know the statistics and report to their managers or owners.

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