Dewang, 21 years, is studying BS in Computers at University of Utah. His love for iPhone is dramatic. He possesses all the models of iPhone introduced till date. When he heard the news that Apple is going to launch the iPhone 13 series, he checked all of their features and zeroed down iPhone 13 Pro. His eyes journeyed through the sleek body, and he loved it in every beautiful tone – Graphite, Gold, Silver and Sierra Blue. He started dreaming about it every day and wanted it so badly and right then!!

But how? All he can do is to pre order and get that in November 2021. That was way better than no phone at all, right? But Dewang was impatient. He could not wait till November…. It was too far…. He said, “How can I wait till November?” That’s it, he had to do something.

His passion for iPhone 13 Pro was nothing like anyone had ever seen. He did all the research, where in the world can he get an iPhone 13 Pro just then. He visited the website of Newegg and Best Buy. He contacted various stores through telephone and inquired the availability, but all in-vein. There was waiting, waiting and waiting only. He started becoming nervous.

He kept on searching. Voila!! He found it!! His love was 4,748 miles away in a beautiful island of Hawaii, Honolulu.

Right then, he was ready to take the leap of faith. He booked a tour package along with his three friends. They got on a non-stop flight to Hawaii, Honolulu. It was a finger crossed flight, whether that model and offer would be available or not till then.

Flight landed at Daniel K. Inouye International Airport, Honolulu. Call them crazy!! They did not care about the long desirous, emotional and tiring 11+ hours of journey they had just made. It was evening time and the Best Buy store was about to close in next one hour. All went straight to the store to let the passion fulfil. It was 5.45 pm the store was to close in next 15 minutes. All four rushed inside and inquired for desired model of iPhone 13 Pro. Only the last piece was available which had been chosen by Nancy, a young girl of early 20s. Oh no, what has happened. One of the friends narrated the story of Dewang’s fascination about iPhone 13 and 3505 miles of journey. She got impressed and cleared the order for Dewang. Best Buy sold the iPhone 13 Pro to Dewang by inv no. 0763 072 0848 in the late evening at 18.12 pm. It was the time of pleasant smile at all the faces. (Later, Nancy was also a group member during their trip to Hawaii).

Dewang was thrilled to see the iPhone 13 Pro finally in his hands. He could feel the edges and every detail of the phone. He took his first pic with his friends and Nancy. Dewang called his dad immediately through new iPhone 13 Pro, His dad was surprised and couldn’t believe the length his son would go to an iPhone 13 Pro!!! After all an iPhone is an iPhone, definitely worth every dollar spent!!!

(Fact: It is a reality. Dewang is a student at University of Utah. He went to Hawaii on 14th October. Today on 16th he is still at there and he will come back on 18th October)

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