Is your marketing team struggling to get you new leads? Have you tried online Digital Marketing? As per studies, digital or internet marketing is one of the best ways to reach new leads without breaking your bank account, especially for SMEs (Digital Campaigns That Are Impactful).


Digital Campaigns That Are Impactful
Digital Campaigns That Are Impactful


In our earlier blog SME’s can find support in campaign offers and tools, we have mentioned the importance of campaigns in bringing leads and accelerating sales. Businesses are still nascent about getting help from IT Solutions and Services Provider, as they do not know the benefits of creating digital campaigns that are impactful (Digital Campaigns That Are Impactful). 

Why are marketing campaigns important?

Marketing campaigns are important because of the following benefits:

  1. Build brand awareness and trust
  2. New product launches 
  3. New lead attraction and generation
  4. Target the right audience
  5. Change customer behavior towards your brand
  6. Increase in sales and revenue

How do you deliver a marketing campaign?

To be able to deliver a marketing campaign:

  1. Create an outline of your campaign or Campaign Theme, what do you want to achieve through this campaign? Is it for new leads or to drive sales or to launch products or services etc? 
  2. The duration you want to run the campaign for, the longer, the better. 
  3. You must also know your target audience. You could also conduct surveys or use Email Marketing to conduct surveys or obtain feedback from existing customers. 
  4. Answer the question, what value does your Campaign offer to your business? Accordingly, determine your budget for the campaign. 
  5. Determine the ways you will run the campaign or the marketing exposure you are looking for. For example, are you looking to do video campaigns only or use a combination of video and image content in your campaigns? Will your campaign include images or use only text content. Or is your campaign flexible and integrated enough to include text, images, and video? This is another great way to create a public media library that is easily accessible. 
  6. The various mediums you will use for the campaign, like search engine marketing, social media marketing, affiliate marketing programs, Email Marketing, video marketing, and more. 
  7. Your campaigns must build trust and must offer genuine products or services. 
  8. Use a good analytics tool to monitor your campaigns like Google Analytics for SEO marketing, SMM, Silk Route for Affiliate Marketing, and Garuda for Email Marketing. 
  9. Keep an open mind to tweak or make changes to the campaign in order to maximize benefits. Think out of the box. 

It is very important to create a social campaign that resonates or relates to more than 90% of your target audience. Another very important aspect of running a campaign is to make sure you create a good Social Media Calendar Template in order to initiate customer engagement and social media is one of the best places to do that. 

Importance of User-generated Content:

Helping generate genuine user comments makes sure that you interact with your customers and solve issues promptly. User-generated content is one of the most important drivers for user engagement and brand awareness, so your campaign must aim to encourage such content by users in forms of videos, images, or text. Why do you think every website you visit asks for feedback or review from you? User-generated content helps a brand build more trust among its existing customers as well as for potential customers. 

For an impactful campaign, you need the help of online marketing solutions that offer Business Development IT ServicesFor IT Marketing Solutions do not go further than Alpha InfoLab, your business partner. Speak to our experts and get a prompt reply to any of your queries.

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