Loyal customers are essential for any business to grow and increase their revenue. However, many businesses fail to retain their customers let alone convert them into loyal customers. Even though if you have a great Email Marketing software, it can be ineffective if you do not follow email marketing best practices.

When you follow best practices in bulk email marketing, you are sure to convert subscribers into loyal customers.

Email Marketing Best Practices 2021 to Turn Subscribers into Customers

How Email Marketing Works for your Business?

It is important that you scrutinize your current email service provider. Ideally, a bulk mail service provider will provide you with tools that will help you in optimizing email marketing for conversions.

How to Optimize Campaign for Higher Email Conversion Rate?

In order for you to optimize a campaign to achieve high conversion rate, you need to do the following:

  1. Consistent tone of your brand:

    All your email campaigns that are sent out must have a consistent brand tone and voice. The landing page and email format must be consistent and be a continuation of each other. This is essential to create brand trust and brand authority.

  2. Personalized emails:

    Emails that are personalized with the recipient’s names builds a bond of trust with your customers. Your emails have high chances of getting opened as well.

  3. Avoid spam subject lines:

    Subject lines must be scanned for spam keywords and must be completely avoided. Otherwise, your emails will not reach the inbox. So, to have a good deliverability rate, keep your subject lines spam-free.

  4. Segment your contacts:

    When you can segment your contacts according to demographic or location or gender, you can send out targeted emails and increase conversion rates.

  5. Schedule your emails:

    In email marketing, when emails are scheduled can help to reach your audience at the right time and right day.

  6. Trigger emails:

    Many times, e-commerce websites face the abandon cart problem, that is when trigger emails help in sending out follow-up emails to prompt and encourage customers to go back to the cart and buy the products. Automated trigger emails have helped many customers to buy the products and even become loyal customers. In 2020, automated emails have seen an email open rate of 41%, whereas transactional trigger emails saw unique open rate of 53%. (Source: Statista)

Best way to build an email list for marketing:

The best way to build email marketing lists are:

  1. Social Media Surveys:

    Social media surveys are a great and effective tool to get new subscribers and build your email list. Surveys are displayed on social media pages which again enlarge the target audience. Surveys are easily shareable on social media too, so they reach more people in less time.

  2. Feedback forms:

    Feedback forms on websites are a great way to prompt your visitors to write their feedback and leave their email address.

  3. Subscribe forms:

    Subscribe forms are the most effective, as your visitors agree to receive your future promotional emails and more.

  4. Blog page:

    Usually blog pages which garner a lot of traffic are a great place to receive comments and interact with visitors. When your visitors leave a comment along with their email address, they expect to hear from you about your products and services.

  5. Social Media Page:

    Your social media page is another way to get people to share their email address. Just make sure you update trendy posts that prompt your followers to have a conversation and you direct them to the subscribe page or even better make them your customers. Social pages increase brand engagement and brand visibility.

  6. Chat Bots:

    Chat bots are automated bots that appear on a website. Usually, visitors who communicate via a chat bot are looking for answers for their queries. If your customer representative is good, he or she will immediately assist them to provide answers right away. Or even ask for their email address to get back to them with the desired answers or additional information via email.

  7. Email Newsletter:

    Many existing subscribers share email newsletters with their friends and family. Especially, when the content in the newsletter is valuable and shareable.

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