Business expansion is a very big step for any company. There are many ways businesses can expand, but if your business is on a tight budget, then you may need to look for cost-efficient ways like Digital Marketing Service Provider to build your presence. 

Website Designing Service Provider
Website Designing Service Provider

Digital Marketing comprises of many avenues that an Online Marketing Agency like Alpha InfoLab provides. Alpha InfoLab is also a leading Brand Identity CompanyWebsite Designing Service Provider and Bulk Mail Service Provider. Alpha InfoLab provides a complete package and customizes it according to business infrastructure and goals. Some of the popular services provided are: 

  1. Website Design and Development
  2. Bulk Mail Service 
  3. Virtual Private Server Hosting
  4. Online Affiliate Marketing Services 

Out of the above services, Bulk Mailing is one which benefits a business to reach audiences with minimal investment. According to Alpha Sandesh, the bulk mailing service of Alpha InfoLab, clients have seen a rise in revenue by 45%. This is a huge rise in revenue, especially when you can build a good Bulk Mailing campaign that is strategically run. 


Following are the ways a Bulk Mail Service Provider will help your business grow: 

  1. It builds the professional persona of your business. 
  2. It also helps build brand awareness and identity among customers and potential customers. 
  3. It helps in relaying emails to existing clients of your products and services. 
  4. It helps in launching new products and services. 
  5. You can send weekly or monthly newsletters which helps you to be in constant touch with your recipients. 
  6. Adding an unsubscribe link helps build a strong bond with your recipients and also you adhere and comply with the CAN-SPAM Act. 
  7. It helps you to clean and segment your contacts based on the active list and inactive list or invalid list, this will help you to also put email addresses into suppression list who have unsubscribed from your services. 
  8. Bulk mailing helps you reach a new audience by encouraging your recipients to forward your emails to their contacts, kind of like refer a friend. 
  9. Adding Social Sharing button in your business emails makes sure your audience can reach you through and know about business updates through your social media pages. 
  10. When you add Call to action button in your emails, you are encouraging your recipients to click through to your website or landing page, this also helps in increasing sales. 
  11. Your email content must be to the point and relevant to your customers. Make the campaign attractive, easy to read and interactive. 
  12. Your email subject line must also be attractive enough for your recipients to open your email.
  13. Your emails must be guaranteed to reach the recipient’s inbox, and an SMTP server increases your email delivery. 


A bulk email service is an extended wing to your existing business infrastructure that integrates well. Alpha InfoLab provides seamless solutions for any business size and aims to increase business trajectory towards revenue growth. 


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