Your growing business may require acquiring IP addresses. Many businesses also buy IP blocks for their future growth businesses. But, how do potential buyers or sellers know the best sources? Where do they search for buyers? It is difficult to individually search for buyers or sellers. That is why the RIR’s (Regional Registries of IPs) have allotted IPv4 brokers, who are mediators and facilitators between buyers, sellers, Escrow and RIR’s.

Lease Ipv4 Address Space
Lease Ipv4 Address Space

IPv4 address market is very big and locating IPv4 addresses for a business in different regions could be really difficult for a potential buyer and seller. This is where a broker acts like Google Maps to locate allocated IP blocks. Many more important tasks curtail behind the scenes, which the buyers and sellers are unaware of.

Let us look at the advantages of going through IPv4 Brokers:


Advantages of using IPv4 brokers:

  1. Connect with genuine buyers and sellers.

  2. They also thoroughly vet the buyers and sellers.

  3. They make sure that the IP Market Price is not very high and a good price is quoted for both buyer and seller.

  4. The brokers have a good camaraderie with other brokers and coordinate with them to arrange for IPs.

  5. They have in-depth knowledge about the RIR’s

  6. They understand how the RIR’s work, their guidelines and accordingly work towards following them to make the deal of lease IPv4 Addresses or buy IPv4 address or IPv4 address for sale a success.

  7. Brokers understand the complicated backend process.

  8. A broker makes sure has a constant supply of IPs by connecting buyers and sellers

  9. A broker helps in reducing the overall cost of the IPs and hence the market price is controlled.

  10. They can understand the requirements of the clients and accordingly guide them on whether they are better off buying IPs or a better option is to lease IPv4 Address Space.

  11. Brokers help in reallocating and redistributing of unused IPs.

  12. They guard the interests of all the parties involved in the deal, from sellers to buyers to RIR’s.

  13. Brokers help sellers monetize their IPs by helping them sell or lease their IP blocks.

  14. They also help buyers get the best IPs.

  15. They are also instrumental in alerting RIR authorities if any fraud is being made by either party, seller or buyer.

  16. They monitor every aspect of the IP deal from start to finish

  17. IPv4 Service Provider like Alpha InfoLab has a very flexible plan for clients depending on the kind of services they require.

  18. The fees charged by brokers like Alpha InfoLab is nominal and cost-effective.


Brokers are an integral part of the Secondary IPv4 Market and make sure all guidelines are followed to the tee. They add value to the secondary market as they make sure that genuine and clean IPs are circulated within the marketplace. They make sure a good deal is made that benefits all the parties involved in the IP deal. For more information on Alpha InfoLab and their role in selling or buying the IPs.


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