If your business has unused IPv4 blocks, then it is a good idea to look for a trusted IPv4 brokerage firm to help you make a sale or lease the IPs. With the secondary IPv4 marketplace being a closed group, it is a good idea to leave the intricacies of IP transfers to professional IP address brokers.

A good IPv4 marketplace will provide businesses with an easy and seamless way to buy/sell/lease IP addresses. However, if you do not know where to start, fulfilling the strict RIR guidelines can become scary. In fact, it can become over-complicated, time-consuming, and far more expensive than your budget.

The best way to approach buying, selling, or leasing is to leave it to the professionals. This is where an IPv4 broker will step in. This firm knows how and from where to source IPs from. It ensures that thorough research is carried out to validate buyers, sellers, and lessees of IPv4. The brokerage also adheres to RIR guidelines. Registered IPv4 brokers are IPv4 partners of RIRs operating on different continents and also are reputed, Escrow partners.

How to choose the right IPv4 brokerage firm?

The following are the features of a trusted IPv4 brokerage firm:

Registered IPv4 brokerage with RIRs:

A broker must have a valid registration and membership with RIRs. The RIRs are ARIN, APNIC, RIPE, AFRINIC and LACNIC. Thus, some brokers may be registered with all or some of the RIRs. Therefore, adhering to RIR guidelines is the most important job of a broker.

It is very common that brokers to have to do Intra-RIR IP transfers as well as inter-RIR transfers. This means the broker has complete knowledge of all the different RIR rules and regulations. So, the brokers are professionals and experts in this domain.

Quality network of pre-qualified buyers and sellers:

Knowing if sellers or buyers are qualified is an essential part of a broker’s job. This requires a lot of behind the scene research to ensure the IPs are valid and in use or dormant. Liaising with the buyers and sellers means ensuring both sides agree to the terms of the agreement and qualify the criteria laid down by the RIRs.

Transparent IP transfer process:

It is also crucial to know that any transfer of IPs and money is completely transparent. A reputed broker will ensure that a transparent IP transfer process is followed. The buyers and sellers are always provided with up-to-date information at every step of the process. This builds a bond of trust between the broker, buyers, and sellers.

Secure payment via Escrow:

Escrow payments are secure and provide authentication of transactions. That is why a reputed and professional broker will ensure that all transactions go through Escrow.

Customer Support:

Customer Support provided to buyers and sellers can help both the parties with pre and post-IP transfers. Supporting customers before, during, and after the transfer process can help in building goodwill for brokers. In addition, many times happy buyers and sellers recommend brokers to other businesses.

Choose Alpha InfoLab, a trusted IPv4 brokerage:

Alpha InfoLab is one of the most respected IPv4 brokers in the IPv4 secondary market. It also has immense experience and expertise as a global trusted RIR facilitator and partner. Therefore, connect with Alpha InfoLab today to buy/sell/lease IPs.

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