It is challenging for online business to create new revenue streams, since it is an ongoing process which goes hand in hand with selling products and services. You can either create additional new IT products and services or look for alternate ways to sell the ones you already have. 

Many businesses have seen benefit in increased sales when they generate leads with Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is where marketing is done using various digital avenues like Email Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Management, Affiliate Marketing, Content Marketing or Blogging. Below is a gist of these digital marketing avenues work and how your business could create leads and benefit from adopting them to generate revenue based on your current business landscape. 


  1. Email Marketing:

More than 70% of businesses or marketers are using automation bulk Mail Sender Software to automate content delivery for successful email campaigns with high conversion rates. Are your bulk emails personalized and automated? Are your emails enjoying high deliverability with no spam? When you are not sure where to start, getting in touch with an Email Marketing expert will help you analyse your options for a customized email marketing solution and increase sales through Bulk Mail.

 2. Search Engine Optimization:

Nearly 65% businesses have seen rise in conversion rates when they invest time and money on Search Engine Optimization. Running SEO campaigns requires special knowledge and expertise, so that you know the kind of SEO campaign Ads to be run, research on the keywords which customer search for and are directed to the correct page on your website. Here Content Marketing goes hand in hand with SEO since this is the only genuine way you could get organic traffic to your website. Organic traffic is where people search for certain keywords on a browser and the most relevant websites are shown in the search. So, you aim must be to create content which is keyword rich and the search bots of the search engine is able to crawl on your page, whether a person is searching through mobile or desktop or using voice or video or image search. These are all technical terms and only experts in SEO can understand. So, speak to an SEO expert today who can guide you on the best SEO plan for your business.  

 3. Content Marketing and Link Building:

This is a very important component in Marketing. Content is the King is a very common phrase used and it is rightfully true. When your website has great content that sounds genuine and helpful, a visitor is compelled to enquire about your products and services. The content must send the message of trust to your readers. All website landing pages must be error proof and have working links to other pages on the website or any other website where you want your visitors to go. Your content must be keywords rich and must be original, plagiarism is a big no. If you have an excellent content, you are in a better position to attract the right traffic to your site. Your content on the blogs must be such where other businesses want to request for link exchange or article submission. This is a great way to start getting revenue, link building opportunities, create a Content Pricing Plan, so any link exchange requests or content submissions come through, you can send them the pricing plan. 

 4. Affiliate Marketing:

You have great products and you offer excellent services, but not sure how to further sell your good stuff. Have you tried Affiliate Marketing? Online Affiliate Marketing Services will give you an added advantage to use the best Affiliate Program Management Software that will allow you to invite and manage affiliates to sell your products and services for commission. 

 5. Social Media Marketing:

Social Media like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, is a very powerful tool that has helped more than 80 million small online business who have used Facebook’s free tools alone like create a page, adding events etc. LinkedIn is another very powerful medium to connect with other businesses for collaborations or search for B2B businesses clients, especially using video marketing strategy. Through Instagram and Pinterest many small businesses and entrepreneurs have been able to reach out to customers to sell their services or products. Even YouTube and Vimeo are powerful platforms to post educational, how-to or informational videos which get shared a lot and nearly 90% video marketers have shared that video marketing has helped them get positive ROI. 


All the above Digital Marketing avenues could certainly increase your revenue stream exponentially, however this all could be overwhelming if you are not well versed on how to go about it all. Hence, when you start selling through online marketing agency, you do not have to go through the strategic planning that goes into each and every Digital avenue, rather you can concentrate on running your business and leave it all the planning and executing to the experts. Speak to the experts at Alpha InfoLab to understand your revenue goals and provide you with a solution that can be integrated easily with your current online business infrastructure. 


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