Businesses usually face a lot of hacking issues and DNS attacks, and unless they have a robust protection, important client and company information is at serious risk of exposure. 

DNS attacks

Companies must look at this problem as a way to scrutinize their present infrastructure and look to improve your online safety and security. For this purpose, taking services of a reputed server and website security company that provides you protection against hackers who use various DNS footprinting tools is a wise decision you must make for your business. 

If you are not sure what are the most common DNS attacks, then your server and website security company will take care of it, and you won’t even have to move a finger. Their experts will be able to help you in checking your DNS Server in Linux and make sure that it is well protected from any malware or hacking attacks. 

Apart from securing your website, server and IPs, the hired company must also boost internet performance to make sure your customers have a safe and fast website accessibility and do not face any IP address security risk.

Apart from making sure your website’s safety, Alpha InfoLab takes care of your company’s need of more IPs. We are an official Broker recognized by RIRs and IPv4 Service Provider, under its IP exchange platform,, we will guide your company through the process to Sell or Buy IPv4 Addresses or Lease IPv4 address space. The advantage of going through us is that we will make sure that the IP address for sale is at a fair price for the buyer and the IPv4 Broker rent is cost-effective. 

Upgrading to IPv6 addresses is another way to make your websites safe, since IPv6 has in-built IP security that is robust and encrypts all data that passes through it. It is far superior than its predecessor IPv4. For more information on IPv6 advantages and how it could be customized for your business infrastructure, speak to our IPv6 experts today


So, if you are not sure how to go about buying IPs or want to secure your servers or upgrading to IPv6, our specialists are here to guide every step of the way. The security of your company’s servers and IP’s is our responsibility. So, leave the worry to our experts and only think about most pressing issues like generating revenue for your business and increasing sales.

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