Product Return Rates : If a business focuses on profits then most probably it will succeed or fail at it. Rather aiming at providing 100% customer service, businesses focus on making profits, this is where they could go wrong. In a study on customer experience, businesses that are focused on providing excellent customer experience, see 4% – 8% rise in their sales. 


So, how can a business focus on creating an excellent customer experience?

One proven way to that is to reduce the product return rate. Check out 5 ways you can reduce Product Return Rates:


•           Create enticing offers to target your audience

•           Make product categories based on the profiles of your existing customers or potential customers. 

•           Adapt marketing techniques based on the customer, make personalized experiences a business priority

•           Create a seamless and easy to follow customer service solving process, to make sure your end customer is satisfied with your service. 

•           Use digital marketing to promote your product and create campaigns based on customer behaviour. 


To be able to successfully reduce product return rate you may have to use IT products and servicesSome of the software you can use are:


Bulk Mail Sender Software – 

Personalizing your product marketing emails with your recipient or customer’s names increases email open rate and conversion rate. When you use an advanced bulk mail sender software, you also can take advantage of many other advanced features like creating email campaigns, contact list segmentation, Email deliverability, email bounce rate management, accurate statistics and reporting, and more. 


Coupon Site Software –  

When you create attractive discount coupons to promote products, your product sales are sure to rise. This is especially helpful on your ecommerce site. When you use a reputed coupon software it will help you increase your chances of increased sales and revenue.  


Affiliate Program Management Software –

Inviting affiliates using an affiliate program management software to help promote your products and services is another lucrative way to make your product sales stronger. It also helps you channelize your revenue through a different source. But make sure you lay down the ground rules for your resellers about your products to keep the high quality.  


Web Content Management Software –

 Managing your business website content is very important, from the site content on every page like blog page, product and services page, product coupons etc. When you use a web content management software, you also can manage the various content you have to post on social media or article submissions on other websites and more such. 

Virtual Private Server Hosting –

Your website needs to be hosted on a safe and secure server in order for your customers to enjoy website browsing and online purchases. It is especially important when you have an ecommerce website which receives very high traffic. Hence you require a robust server and a good (paid) SSL Certificate


When your products and services have a strong foundation laid down by using all the above software and products, your business will surely resonate success and in turn your customers will be happy. Your products need a comprehensive solution to up customer satisfaction and customer delight


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