Online Affiliate Marketing is a very effective tool for marketers, especially when you are short of money. There are different ways one can go about doing Affiliate Marketing. In this blog we will touch on some of them and what are the verticals or niches that are really popular among publishers.

So, let us first understand the meaning of Affiliate Marketing. Affiliate Marketing involves two main parties – Advertisers and Publishers.

Affiliate Marketing is a medium where publishers market or sell Products and Services of Advertisers on their website or Blog or Social Media Pages. When people buy the products from the publisher’s website, the publisher is given a pre-determined commission from the Advertiser for the sale made.

Advertisers and Publishers usually meet on popular and best affiliate marketing platforms. Many times, if advertisers have lots of products and services to sell, may opt to have their own Affiliate Program and invite affiliates to sell their products for a good commission. Advertisers can setup their own Affiliate Program using a robust affiliate marketing management and tracking software.

Does affiliate marketing really work?

Yes, Affiliate Marketing can work brilliantly if a good strategy is followed.

Tips and Tricks to Start with Affiliate Marketing Without Money

The success of Affiliate Marketing depends on four factors:

  • Build Good network with your audience
  • Healthy and growing relationship of advertisers and publishers
  • Profitable commission slabs
  • Rewarding affiliate marketing campaign

What are verticals in affiliate marketing?

Generally, Affiliate Marketing campaigns are created for the following main verticals:

  1. E-commerce
  2. Health Supplements
  3. Generate Leads for businesses
  4. Tutorials
  5. Online Dating
  6. Sweepstakes
  7. Cryptocurrencies
  8. Casinos

How to implement affiliate marketing strategy?

An Affiliate Marketing Strategy can be implemented efficiently in the following ways:

  1. Identify a niche vertical:

You must first pick a niche vertical. Then look for market leaders in that niche. Search for helpful products or services they provide. Then promote these products through your website or blog.

  1. Build presence on Social Media Platforms:

Social Media platforms are one of the best places to start bringing organic traffic to your blog or website. Identify the social platforms that your audience use the most and then build your presence on them. Once you have established a rapport with your audience, you can start promoting. You have to become quality content providers for such platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram etc.

  1. Join Facebook Groups :

Facebook Groups are great places to meet more than 1000 people at once, and reach them. You can interact with people on Facebook groups to build a network and establish a relationship of trust with them. Share really interesting content every day, may be 1-2 posts about your niche. This shows that you know a lot about your niche. Once you have laid a strong foundation of trust, you can once a week share consistent content and include an affiliate link of an advertiser. The link could be a promotional sale offer or a free eBook etc.

  1. Create useful YouTube Videos:

There are an estimated 210 million YouTube viewers by 2022 in the US alone. So, you can guess the number of viewers around the world. When you know what your audience are looking, then you can create the right kind of YouTube videos. You can use free toll Uber Suggest to know a bunch of ideas for making videos. Mainly most videos you find on YouTube are Reviews, Demos and Tutorials. In these YouTube videos you can add affiliate links. Creating videos is free and really passive, you need a good and right content. You can even start by making a video review of products or services you already use. You can slowly become a YouTube influencer too and join approximately 1.86 billion YouTube users worldwide!!

  1. Join Instagram:

You can build an audience on Instagram too. Pick a niche, share content that is consistent and engaging using hashtag and add an affiliate link in the description. You can also add a story in Instagram to increase your traffic. Share affiliate offers that your audience relate to and will benefit from. For example, you have an account on Instagram for Beauty tips for women. So, you can promote beauty products like face serums, hair extensions, nail art, etc.

  1. Join Good Affiliate Marketing Programs:

Joining rewarding and reputed Affiliate Marketing programs is crucial in maintaining the trust of your audience. You want to promote high-quality products and services only. Do not be tempted to promote something that is not your niche vertical just because the commission is high. This can confuse your audience or network, and may stop following you. So, stick with your niche products and services.

It takes time to build an audience and establish yourself as a trusted influencer. It may take from 3 months to up to 8 months to build trust. You may not have money now, yet you have time, so, invest your time in Affiliate Marketing.

What if you do not have time or skills to do Affiliate Marketing on your own?

Many businesses may not have skilled marketers or do not have time to do Affiliate Marketing. That is when affiliate marketing management companies like Alpha InfoLab can provide affiliate marketing services to clients in USA and around the world.


So, choosing the best affiliate marketing service providers is important to run a successful affiliate marketing campaign. Another important point is to have an Affiliate Disclaimer on the platforms you use for promotions. A disclaimer will let your audience know that you may have included links to promote offers. The key here is to also mention that you are paid commissions for doing so.

However, you can also highlight the point that any affiliate links added in the content on any of the platforms are trusted and you have used them personally (provided you really did use). When your audience knows that you have used an offer yourself, they will be more comfortable buying the offer from you. So, you must show that you believe in the product, and so will your audience.

We at Alpha InfoLab also have an exciting offer for any group or individuals who is interested to earn hefty commissions by becoming a part of our Franchise Opportunity. Alternatively, if you have a business proposal, we have all ears, you can connect with us.

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