Marketing for a business is successful and depends mostly on the amalgamation or integration of various types of Marketing. Inbound Marketing and Interruption Marketing are two types of marketing largely used by businesses.

Inbound Marketing vs Interruption Marketing

An Online Marketing Agency can help businesses with both Inbound and Outbound marketing. It can be difficult however to decide between Inbound vs Outbound marketingand that is where right
Online Marketing Solutions help in deciding which one to use or which one to use more depending on the target audience and business goals.

Which is better for your business and why?

Both the tactics can be used on the basis of 50:50 ratio for better results. Both the tactics can be strategically applied, but Inbound marketing needs a lot of planning and the results could take little longer to show. Outbound marketing could be very easily labelled as spam or unethical, yet companies use it and find quick results, it is more like persuasion marketing. So the decision really lies with the
Online Digital Marketing Company that is hired by a business.

Let us first understand the concepts of Inbound Marketing Strategy and Interruption or Outbound Marketing Strategy:

What is Inbound Marketing? 

Inbound meaning an organic and permission-based marketing, where the buyer is led through your business story to build trust and enlighten the buyer about your products and services.

Top inbound marketing examples are:

  • Blog content posts

  • Social media posts

  • Video Marketing

  • Email Marketing

  • SEO

What is Interruption Marketing?

This marketing is used by businesses to send emails or use TV ads or Radio ads to promote products and services, interrupting the recipient to pay attention to our message.

Top Interruption Marketing Examples are:

  • Cold emails

  • Spam emails

  • Pop up ads on Apps or websites

  • PPC

  • Print Ads

  • Sales or cold calls

Check checkout the difference between Inbound Marketing and Interruption / Outbound Marketing:

  1. Inbound Marketing is a positive kind of marketing where visitors relate to a brand and are interested to read about the content. Whereas Interruption marketing is more like ‘on the face kind of marketing’.

  2. Inbound within the scope of marketing is target marketing, whereas in Interruption, Ads are sent to wider audience.

  3. In Inbound Marketing, the customer comes to the business when the business goes searching to buy something, whereas in Interruption Marketing, the company goes to the customer.

  4. Inbound Marketing is affordable yet effective, whereas Interruption Marketing can be expensive and could rebound where the customer is annoyed.

  5. Among essential Inbound Marketing Tactics, to create shareable content that everyone likes to read is something that builds a brand. Interruption tactic is where the audience is marketed a product till they buy it.

Since, both the types of marketing are essential for a business to get leads and sales and a Digital Marketing Services Company can help businesses just do that by helping them decide what to use and in what ratio.

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As a leading Digital Marketing Service Provider, Alpha InfoLab Inc. has provided clients with seamless and customized solutions with an obvious preference given to Inbound marketing, but also understand the role outbound plays in marketing for many businesses. Both are important and could be included in the marketing strategy.

Speak to our marketing experts today for a quote based on your business requirements.


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