Industry 4.0 may seem like new words to you, and yes it has been trending in India. The World Economic Forum has initiated India to step into the fourth Industrial Revolution and India will be the fourth centre for Industry 4.0 after the US, Japan and China. India is also the fifth largest country in the world according to the International Monetary Fund. Gaining Popularity In India – Industry 4.0 is already influencing sectors like manufacturing, supply chain management, construction, shipping etc. 

Gaining Popularity In India
Gaining Popularity In India

India has been vocal about developing and promoting next-generation technology. We are talking about Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, the Internet of Things, Cloud Computing, 5G, Big Data Science, Virtual Reality and more. Industry 4.0 points towards building cyber-physical domains that will enable individuals, entrepreneurs and companies leverage the next-generation technology in India.

Industry 4.0 has already entered key sectors in India like Manufacturing, Management of Supply Chain, Construction, Shipping etc. to enhance productivity. Some various departments and organizations have been working towards achieving the goal of making India next-generation technology-enabled by 2025 by implementing a digital ecosystem. In India Industry 4.0 is dominant in the area of Big Data, 5G telecommunication, IoT and Artificial Intelligence.

Industry 4.0 to be successful in India, needs electricity and the internet to reach every citizen of India. This fourth industrial revolution is an amalgamation of technologies that have the least difference between physical, digital and biological domains. It also points towards breaking barriers and transforming the way production, management and governance are carried out.

Businesses in India will need to adapt and adopt next-generation technologies to survive in Industry 4.0. For businesses to achieve this:

  • They need a workforce who are skilled with next-generation technology,
  • Re-skill already who are employed
  • Universities, Colleges and Schools must equip students with the knowledge and experience.

How will Industry 4.0 help India?

  • India can alleviate poverty.
  • Health-care will be cost-effective and personalized diagnosis and treatment, pandemic potential and warnings.
  • Agricultural Innovations, real-time data to farmers about climate, pest outbreaks (like locusts, etc), improve sowing practices etc.
  • AI to assist specially-abled citizens
  • Businesses will achieve efficiency and encourage foreign companies by taking advantage of the ease of doing business.

Though India is moving towards a successful Industry 4.0, it also is working towards achieving a greener country. NASA had released satellite pictures from 2000-2017 where it was evident that due to intensive cultivation of food crops, reduction in soil erosion, air pollution, climate change and facility of groundwater irrigation in India, the country was able to achieve the green drive.

India is moving fast, the changes across industries is unpredictable and the speed of technological advancement is extraordinary. Are you in the Industry 4.0 bandwagon yet? Not sure how to go about it? Alpha InfoLab believes in being part of the fourth Industrial Revolution.

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