As a marketer, you may start to use various types of marketing to promote your products and services. Very often, you may run into a problem, called IP address blacklist. If you have faced this problem, then, you may be spamming.

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What is the meaning of IP blacklisted?

IP blacklisting means, a DNS (Domain Name System) server filters out or blacklists IP addresses that are acting maliciously. Here malicious IP address means, that a huge amount of spam is sent from this address. Spam messages or emails are usually sent to recipients during Email Marketing. A user may make a complaint to a DNSBL (Domain Name System Blacklists) about receiving huge amounts of spam emails from a particular IP address. In this case, an IP address can be blocked and listed on the blacklist by the DNSBL.

DNS is like a phone book for IP addresses and domains. It connects a particular IP address to a particular domain. For example, when you type, a DNS connects the domain name to an IP address and vice versa. So, when an IP address is sending a lot of spam messages, it can find out the domain name from the IP address and blacklist it.

IP Address Blacklist check:

So, how to know if your IP address is blacklisted? Sometimes marketing activities could be mistaken for being spam. Like sending bulk emails or posting messages on forum sites etc. Without your knowledge or a malicious complaint by a competitor could put your IP address on the blacklist.

You can check if your IP address is blacklisted or not on some websites. One can also contribute to this list. Unfortunately, if your IP address is on the blacklist, then you must do IP address removal right away.

Below are a few resources to help you check if an IP address is blacklisted or not:

  1. DNSBL
  2. What is my IP address?
  3. Spamhaus IP and domain reputation check.
  4. My Tool Box
  5. Site 24X7

IP Address Blacklist Removal Process:

Your IP address is in the IP blacklist!!! You must start the process of IP blacklist removal immediately. The DNSBL enables network administrators to block emails or messages from particular domains or servers because of their spamming history.

When emails do not reach the recipient inboxes or you may be blocked from accessing certain websites.

You can instantly know which DNSBL is blocking your IP.

So, the first step would be to get your IP address removed from the DNSBL list. There are many DNSBL sites that have sprung up in the last 20 years. Each DNSBL list has a different set of rules. If you want your IP address to be removed, then you must adhere to their rules.

You can start the process of IP address blacklist removal from a DNSBL list in the following way:

  1. Make sure your server is not compromised by a virus. Sometimes, a virus can also send out spam messages without your knowledge. So, scan your servers for any malicious activities. If there is some problem, fix the problem immediately.
  2. After checking your own systems, contact the DNSBL. Request for your IP address to be removed from their blacklist.
  3. Fill DNSBL’s form. After they receive your request and you have fixed the problem. They may immediately remove your IP from the blacklist. If not, then DNSBL may ask you to carry out some good practices to un-list your IP address.

How to avoid your IP address from being blacklisted?

It is better to be safe than sorry. Here are some ways to avoid IP blacklist:

  1. Sometimes, hackers too may obtain access to your domain. They may send spam messages, so make sure you have strong server and email passwords.
  2. Scan all incoming and outgoing traffic and emails for spam or virus.
  3. Ask your network administrator to immediately block spam accounts.
  4. You must protect your IP reputation.

How to protect your IP reputation?

In order to protect your IP reputation, you must avoid bulk marketing activities from it. But then, how do you conduct your marketing activities?

There is a simple and affordable way to do marketing activities. For the purpose of bulk mailing, Email marketers lease ipv4 address space. A reputed Bulk Email Marketing services provider will give you a dedicated IP address for this purpose.

However, if your marketing activities are wide spread. Or you send out more than 1 million emails all around the world every day. Then buying or leasing IPv4 addresses is a better and more viable option. Your business can lease or even buy ipv4 addresses. By this, you make sure that all marketing activities are carried out from these IP addresses only and not your business IPs. This is the best way to protect your business’s IP reputation.

There are many IP addresses for sale on the IPv4 Exchange Platform. So, make sure you go through a reputed IPv4 address broker, like to buy or rent ipv4 addresses for marketing purposes.

For more information on buying or leasing or selling IPv4 addresses, connect with IPv4 experts at, and they will guide you through the entire process.

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