Is your business looking to expand in a new country? Not sure where to start? We at Alpha InfoLab were in a similar situation a few years back when we wanted to expand in the US. Then we came across the brilliant idea of IPv4 lease as a solution. Of course, we now ourselves are registered IPv4 Brokers for ARIN, RIPE NCC, APNIC, and LACNIC!

But, you may ask, why to lease IP addresses and not buy them. There are quite a few benefits of leasing IPs, let us take a look at them one by one.

Benefits of IPv4 lease:

1. More Economical:

When you lease an IP address pool, it is much more economical than buying. This is especially true when you require the IPs for software testing, meaning you may need to lease for a short amount of time. It also works out cheaper in the long run, especially when you will not need the IPs anymore.

On the other hand, it also gives the IP seller a way to generate revenue by leasing their IPs.

2. Quicker to acquire IPs:

The process of acquiring IPs is much quicker and easier when it comes to leasing. Here you need an IPv4 seller and a broker to get the IPs leased to your company. You don’t have to wait for numerous approvals from the RIRs. You will deal with the seller via the broker, so you can acquire the IPs soon to start your work.

3. No Liability:

Since you as a lessee do not own the IPs, you do not have any liability. You simply pay the fees to the seller. You can use the IPs for your business purposes like you own the IPs.

4. Simple Process:

Leasing is a simple process; most businesses prefer to lease rather than buy IPs. A service contract is drawn up between the lessor and lessee by the broker, payment is made by the lessee to the lessor via Escrow and the IP address is transferred to the lessee.

5. IP exhaustion:

It is now common knowledge that the IPv4 IP address in the pool is exhausted in all the RIRs. So, to continue using unused IP addresses, leasing is a good option. For example, there are so many businesses that have a transition from IPv4 to IP v6, however, their IPv4 addresses are just lying and are not used. That is where leasing makes the IP address in use again and provides a solution to businesses that require IPs.

Still not sure whether to do IPv4 lease or buy?

When you buy an IPv4 address block, you can pay anyway between $22 to $25 per IP. Whereas, if you lease an IP address block, you pay just $0.55 to $2 per month. So, that is a lot of difference in price. That is why leasing is a better option and way better than buying expensive IPs especially when you need them for temporary work.

IPv4 Lease today:

Now that you know that leasing is better and much less than buying IPs, you can connect with Alpha InfoLab IP solutions team.

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