IPv6 adoption is a major task at hand for businesses around the world. If we adopt IPv6 completely, we will have an efficient, better, and cleaner IP technology. Why do we say that? We know that IPv6 is a simpler network without complications, unlike IPv4. The intent of creating IPv6 was to replace IPv4. So, why is the world taking ages to do what IPv6 was made for?

Ipv6 adoption

There is good news though. Mobile carriers have been already using IPv6 to make the user experience even better. Did you know? Recent data reveals that by 2025, nearly 73% of internet users will access the internet solely via mobile devices. So, the need for businesses to target these potential customers who use IPv6 can be the right step to be better than their competitors.

Moreover, ISPs, or Internet Service Providers are also delivering IPv4 and IPv6 to users using Dual Stack Technology. Dual-Stack Technology can be considered as a stage of temporary inefficiency and soon will need to shift to IPv6 only. In addition, big social media platforms have been using IPv6 since 2012.

What does IPv6 adoption bring to the table?

Mostly, users may not know whether they are using IPv4 or IPv6. However, there are many benefits to businesses as well as for users to use IPv6. IPv6 increases the speed of browsing the internet when compared to IPv4. So, enterprises that offer IPv6, guarantee a better browsing experience to users. That is why we see so many social media giants like Facebook, Google, LinkedIn adopting IPv6 very quickly.

IPv6 adoption provides better UX:

For example, when you do a Google search using your mobile, with the keywords “sell ipv4”. Then Google will search for business websites that are already using IPv6 on their networks. In this case, IPv4.deals. A person browsing on Google will just go with the first result that appears on their screen. And that is where IPv4.deals will get a better target audience and increase their traffic. So, a business’s SEO strategy is also adversely affected if they are still using IPv4. So, it is high time businesses do IPv6 adoption.

By far there are many tech companies that are not doing IPv6 adoption. Because people fear changing from IPv4 to IPv6. There is a false notion that IPv6 adoption is more expensive than IPv4. Therefore, businesses must make an effort towards a better working internet. Thus, adopting IPv6 is part and parcel of better business engagement and user experience.

About Alpha InfoLab:

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