We hear a lot about sustainability these days. However, when it comes to the internet businesses are turning a blind eye. Most businesses around the world still use IPv4. Why can’t we have an internet that is sustainable? When will businesses adopt IPv6?

It is time businesses think about growing the internet and that can only happen when everyone adopts IPv6 with open arms. As you may know that there is a huge difference between IPv4 and IPv6. When we talk about IPv4 v IPv6, the major difference that jumps out is the integration with other future technologies. IP v6 can easily integrate with AI, Machine Learning, 5G, Cloud computing, and more.


Why IPv6?

The purpose of developing an IP address v6 was that eventually, it will replace IPv4 completely. It has an enormous address space, (2128) and each address is 128 bits long, unlike 32 bits in IPv4. IP v6 will help in the sustainable growth of the internet and will provide for more IP addresses as advancements in technologies happen.

Businesses Need IP v6 now:

If businesses want to thrive in the future, then they better make the switch to IP v6 now. For example, IP v6 can make an E-commerce business more efficient and provide an excellent customer experience when customers browses on their website. When your business has a robust digital infrastructure, it enables you to perform all day-to-day activities and transactions of the business with ease.

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Next-Generation Technologies need IPv6:

When we talk about next-generation technologies, we are talking about Digital Platforms, the Internet of Things, blockchain, etc. So, this means IPv4 is outdated for these new technologies, it can no longer support them to grow. Therefore, IP v6 is required to carry on with providing robust and secure IP address blocks. Therefore, it can support these next-generation technologies.

How can my business adopt IPv6?

Great, now that you know the benefits and future of the internet holds with IP v6, your business can adopt IP v6 easily. Alpha InfoLab is an IP v6 advocate and helps numerous businesses to make the transition from IPv4. Alpha InfoLab is accredited by Hurricane Electric as a ranker of stage ‘SAGE’ in IPv6 certification. Therefore, Alpha InfoLab is IPv6 certified as an expert in IPv6 server configuration.

So, simply contact us and our team will connect with you.

Get your business IPv6 ready to accelerate your sales.

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