It is very common to see websites and servers being hacked only because they do not have the right SSL Certificate. Hence, when you buy server hosting you must scrutinize or ask the right answers about the SSL Certificate you are being given by the hosting provider (Keep your website safe with the right SSL Certificate).

Keep your website safe with the right SSL Certificate


Lets first know a few fascinating SSL facts and SSL Statistics that will help you take the right decision:

1.      If your website and server handles payments from customers then your website definitely needs an SSL Certificate and is fully encrypted.

2.      SSL expiration statistics reveal that many websites fail to renew their certificates and that is risky for their security, especially card details or any transaction details of customers.

3.      Websites need the to secure every page of their website to make sure their visitors feel safe when they browse on the websites, if not they could be a prey to cyber criminals (Keep your website safe with the right SSL Certificate).

4.      When your website has SSL certificate then your address must start with “https”.

5.      It is wise to choose a Linux web server hosting that includes SSL Certificate.

6.      More than 35% sites do not have SSL Certificate.

7.      India leads with more than 98% of website traffic to Google that is encrypted.

8.      Google ranks websites based on https

9.      More than 90% shoppers look for an encrypted website if they want to buy (Keep your website safe with the right SSL Certificate).

10.  If you do not have SSL Certificate then your website is considered as a malicious website.

11.  When you opt for a paid SSL Certificate you are ensuring that you get liability protection meaning you will be fully insured and protected in case your website is breached. A free SSL Certificate does not gives you this guarantee and protection.

There are three types of SSL Certificates:

1.      Domain Validated – This only secures the website

2.      Organization Validation – This secures the website and authenticates and validates the server of organization, but not to the highest standards.

3.      Extended Validation – This is the highest validation and authentication of the website and server. If your business has this, the address bar is green showing your visitors that it is the safest website they can browse on and buy products and services.


Many cheap online Linux hosting services make sure that their customers know the importance of buying a SSL Certificate, however many website owners still go with a free SSL Certificate. However, at Alpha VBox we believe in providing unlimited web hosting plans with the right SSL Certificate depending on the nature of the website.

For best unlimited hosting services do not look further than Alpha VBox. Our hosting experts will understand your requirement and accordingly present you with an affordable and value for plan with a SSL certificate for your needs from the best Certificate Authority. Speak to our hosting experts to know the kind of SSL Certificate you will need for your business and website.


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