Is your business looking to expand and wants to purchase IPv4 address block? Not sure how to buy IP addresses? Or where to buy IP address block?

In this blog, Alpha InfoLab’s IP experts have laid down the purchase process for potential IP buyers.

How to purchase IPv4 address block?

1.     Find an authorised IPv4 broker:

The first step to buy an IP address block is to find an authorized IPv4 broker. This is very important, since the broker must be an experienced firm that knows the sale and purchase process. Also, it adheres to RIR (Regional Internet Registry) guidelines.

When you have chosen your IPv4 broker, the broker will understand your needs. They will procure RIR pre-approval for the IPs of the seller. The broker also conducts through checks of the buyer and seller. In addition, they will also conduct a through IP block check to know if the IPs are clean and valid.

The broker usually takes a percentage from the purchase as fees for their services. Ensure you understand all the terms and conditions before proceeding with bidding.

2.     Use Marketplace to bid for IPs:

Once the broker is satisfied with the authentication of the seller, buyer and the IP blocks, both the parties can bid for a price.There could be other buyers also who bid on IP blocks. The prices may vary based on location of the IPs.

3.     Bid approval by seller:

Once the seller approves the bid of a buyer, they will convey the same to the broker. Then the broker will prepare a contract between the buyer and seller according to RIR guidelines. The buyer is also notified to transfer the money to via Escrow to the broker.

4.     Escrow payment by buyer:

When the buyer completes the payment process to the broker via Escrow, the broker then transfers the amount to the seller.

5.     IPv4 transfer takes place:

The IP transfer takes place from the seller to the buyer.

6.     Notify Authorities after transfer completion:

Once, the IP transfer is complete from the seller to the buyer, the following authorities are notified. They are RIR, Whois, DNS records and update Firewalls, border ACLs, BGP and Geo-IP services. This is an important to step to ensure the IP blocks are absolutely ready to use by the buyer.

Benefits of using an authorized IPv4 broker like Alpha InfoLab:

1.     We operate worldwide:

We work with global RIRs, namely ARIN, APNIC, RIPE and LACNIC. Hence, we have helped thousands of buyers to purchase IPs. All the dealings and paperwork are fully transparent and in accordance with the concerned RIR’s policies.

2.     Largest selection of clean, unlisted IPs:

We only approve clean and unlisted IPs. Hence, we also enjoy a very big selection of IPs from across different internet registries around the world. We also conduct the due diligence, vetting and thorough research about the seller, buyer and the IP blocks. This makes the process easy and smooth for you.

3.     IP and money transfer complete:

We ensure that the seller receives the fund via Escrow from the buyer once the seller completes the IP transfer.

4.     Free of claims:

The buyer and seller do not have to worry about claims, since everything is thoroughly vetted. We ensure all BGP routes and DNS Entries are removed, so that the buyer gets clean and valid IPs.

Purchase IPv4 address block Now:

You now know that the process to buy IP blocks is easy and smooth when you use an IPv4 broker. To get a head start, complete the buy IPv4 addresses form, so that our professional and expert brokers can help you straight away.

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