SME’s have to keep trying to stay on top of their business competitors and lately post COVID-19, this process has difficult for many businesses. With a low workforce, slumping sales, and debtors not paying back, it can be difficult to float your products in the market (Tools for SMEs and startups).


Tools for SMEs and startups
Tools for SMEs and startups


However, Online Digital Marketing is an avenue many businesses had never ventured into earlier, but are now looking for marketing exposure. It is but natural to be unaware of Internet Marketing for many business units (Tools for SMEs and startups). That is when it is wise to reach out to IT Solutions And Services Provider.


Businesses have been proactive in adapting to the changes and are opting for various campaign offers. Your business needs to evaluate your budget and accordingly look at marketing your products and services, especially during this time. Your focus must be to look for business development IT services that will maximize your reach and bring new leads (Tools for SMEs and startups).


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During lockdown all over the world, online shopping has increased more than 60%, meaning people are now more comfortable ordering products and services online. So, your business needs to be online ready. You need to venture into SEO (search engine optimization) and SMO (social media optimization) since your customers or potential leads are searching online and looking at social media pages for products and services.


According to a study, Facebook has seen a drastic jump in online sales by 75% since March. Customers are reaching out to for customer support on social media pages of companies on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram with prompt replies and quick solutions to customer queries. Social Media pages of companies have been driving sales of businesses and it is high time you jump into this bandwagon.


There are other IT Marketing Solutions like Affiliate Marketing programs that have also seen a jump in subscriptions. Businesses are running campaigns especially for SMEs on Affiliate Programs and seeing a 65% rise in sales.


To be able to manage the business generated by your social media or through online searches or Affiliate Marketing, you require specialized IT Services and Managed IT Support so that your website and social media accounts are safe and are not attacked by hackers or malware.


You do not have to look further than Alpha InfoLab for budget-friendly Online Marketing Solutions to simply your sales flow with business-friendly tools, campaigns to support and maximize profits. Speak to our experts today for a customized marketing solution.




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