When your business is looking to host your websites and IT hardware, then data center services may seem the right choice. Alternatively, many data centers also provide an additional service called data center colocation services. In this blog, we will look at what it means for a business to opt for colocation hosting.


What are data center colocation services?

Benefits of data center colocation hosting service:

A business that owns servers and other IT hardware may want to place them in a different location. In such cases, data centers provide space for lease to such businesses to store their IT hardware and other networking assets

1. Efficient and ample storage:

Data Centers provide colocation services to businesses, where they can use the data center’s facilities in storing, cooling, power, bandwidth, and connecting IT infrastructure. Ample storage is leased to host IT infrastructure, like servers of businesses. Businesses do not need to have trained personnel to look after their infrastructure. Saves them manpower to manage in-house servers and applications.

2. Connectivity:

The connectivity between the IT infrastructure is robust since all hardware is in one place. Data Centers provide advanced technology in order to have continuity for applications and data and systems.


3. High security:

These days, many businesses face many challenges like hacking into their systems. Usually, if all IT infrastructure is in the business location, there are more chances of hacking due to a lack of proper security. Whereas, at a colocation hosting site, the location is discreet and has high-security facilities. Businesses find this very useful and give them a better way to safeguard their infrastructure.

4. Choose the type of service:

Depending on the requirement and budgets of businesses, data centers provide different types of services and facilities. Businesses can opt for a room or cage or rack or a cabinet.

5. Managed Infrastructure:

More and more businesses look towards managed infrastructure and data colocation services provide the same. Moreover, this facility enables businesses to give more time to run their business, rather than to manage their infrastructure too.

Types of Data Center Colocation Facilities:

When you search in Google for ‘colocation data center near me’, you may be given thousands of different options, which can be very confusing. It is because there are three types of colocation facilities, namely Retail, Wholesale and Hybrid. Let us take a look at them below:

Retail Colocation:

In this type of coloc, a business can lease space within a data canter. For example, a rack, or a cage.

Wholesale Colocation:

In this type of colocation service, a business can lease a purpose-built data center space for its IT infrastructure. This is usually for a discounted wholesale price, with the exception of less space and power.

Hybrid Cloud Colocation:

Hybrid Cloud is another very popular colocation service, which is a mix of in-house and cloud-based data center facilities. Therefore, many businesses that would like to have both physical infrastructures and also slowly transitioning to cloud-based infrastructure, can go for this type of facility.

Top 10 Benefits of Data Center Colocation Services:

There are many benefits for businesses to choosing Data Center Colocation services in the long term.

  1. Clear and cost-efficient expenditures.
  2. It is flexible to scale up or scale down infrastructure (space, power, bandwidth, and connectivity) quickly and efficiently.
  3. Efficiently manage and access space, power, and capacity.
  4. Have infrastructure management by experienced professionals.
  5. The facility can house many partner businesses.
  6. With businesses changing rapidly, this facility allows to manage with less infrastructure too.
  7. Since, the facility is managed or self-managed, high-quality tools are in place to provide resilient facilities and quick disaster recovery.
  8. Facilities are well managed and offer the best facilities to cool, and power the businesses without harming the environment.
  9. Moreover, there is high security in the facilities enabling data integrity and encryption.
  10. Businesses agree on the different services of the data center colocation with a contract. Therefore, the contract ensures services are provided as per the agreement and requirements of the businesses.


So, when it comes to colocation services, it is vital that businesses understand the type and level of services they want to go for. When businesses use colocation, they are simply placing their IT hardware in the data center’s physical facility. Whereas, if they want to opt for hybrid or cloud colocation, the cloud provider lets its hardware to the businesses store and manage their applications and software virtually. Therefore, it is very important that your business knows and understands its requirements. You can discuss the data center colocation pricing and services offered by Alpha InfoLab and get a quote today.

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