But IPv4s are still very much around and one can buy or lease IPv4 addresses through a reputed IPv4 broker like Alpha InfoLab online through a trusted Exchange Platform for IPv4. But, if you had to buy IPs, why not buy IPv6 address space which will be beneficial to your business for future use? Why buy IPv4 addresses when you can lease IPv4 address space? Looking at the current scenario of adopting IPv6, there is no point buying IPv4, rather leasing is a better option.

Advantages of Lease IPv4 address space?
Advantages of Lease IPv4 address space?

When you rent IPv4 address space, you are buying time to eventually adopt IPv6 anytime in the future, depending on your business trajectory. If you have excess IPv4s or have already adopted IPv6 and would like to put your Ipv4 IP address for sale, then IPv4.deals is a great exchange platform that gives you the best market price and also will find you the best buyer for your IPs.


There are many advantages of leasing IPv4 address space:

  1. It is a good option for short term growth in business.

  2. You can take advantage of private addresses till the time of the lease

  3. It is cost-effective than buying IPs

  4. You can terminate the lease anytime, without paying a high fee

  5. The cancellation policy is fairly simple and the fee is small

  6. You will not need to worry about selling IPs like you would do if you had bought the IPs.

  7. It is essentially useful when you would like to increase your organization’s security while browsing online.

  8. It is quicker to acquire IPs

There are also some drawbacks and advantages of leasing IPv4 address space:

  1. For a growing business leasing may not be a great option, rather buying IPv6 is a better option. You can buy IPv6 address space through Alpha InfoLab, accredited by Hurricane Electric, USA as the ranker of stage ‘SAGE’ in IPv6 certification.

  2. The lease amount could increase every year.

  3. You will have to follow the leasing terms and conditions of the lessor.

  4. It is a good option for short term business growth, but not for the long term.

  5. Choose a good and reputable ISP, otherwise not so good ISP could provide you with IPs that may not be clean.

There is another middle option when you rent an IPv4 address. Renting giving you better control over the contract, which means it is usually for a few months, unlike a lease that lasts for 12 months.

However, it really depends on your business requirements. If you require to have a private address for less than 12 months, then renting is a better option. If you require private addresses for a year or two then leasing is a better option. If you require a private address for a growing business or have plans to grow your business in the next 5 years, then buying IPv6 addresses is the best option. It can be a little tricky for a business to understand its requirements, that is where Alpha InfoLab steps in to understand the business requirement and provide your business with a customized solution. Speak to our IP experts today or head to our exchange platform to buy/ sell/ lease IPs.


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