When you are looking to expand your business, a better initiative is to offer Franchise Business Opportunities. But, many businesses may run into problems like contacting potential franchisees, lack of communication, lack of integration and unable to track leads and sales. To overcome these drawbacks, it is wise to adopt Franchise Marketing Software, which will help you to develop and organise a good franchise plan. The Key Features Of The Franchise Management Software. A lead management system is a part of the franchise management software.

The Key Features Of The Franchise Management Software.
The Key Features Of The Franchise Management Software.

The software acts as a platform that enables the communication between Franchisees and Franchisers. Benefits of using Franchise Marketing Software:

  1. Increase marketing efforts

  2. Accelerate sales and revenue

  3. Create a Brand Image

  4. Manage inventory

  5. Manage Customers

  6. Monitor real-time analytics on leads and sales

  7. Streamline Operations

There are key features of the Franchise Management Software:

  1. Secure intranet: Your brand management must be able to provide a secure intranet that provides a safe way to communicate through documents with Franchisee.

  2. Create Campaigns: Creating marketing campaigns is essential to generate leads and push sales. Make personalised campaigns that are triggered by customer information by integrating Bulk email marketing.

  3. Franchise Support: When the software is supported by Customer Services given to Franchisees via forums, self-help documentation, knowledge base and connect with Customer representative via email, chat or phone. Franchise Marketing Software

  4. Manage Commissions or royalty: When you can manage commissions or royalties of Franchisees, where the accounting software is integrated within the Franchise Management Software.

  5. Manage Operations: You must be able to manage the operations of your brand and help Franchisees do the same. An interactive dashboard that provides you to – view and manage product and services price, inventory, manage income and expenditure, contact lists, and employees.

  6. Reporting and Monitoring: An advanced tool that can monitor and track sales and revenue in real-time, customer engagement and report results about the Franchisee.

  7. Mobile responsive: Franchisees must have the ability to use the software on the go on mobiles or tablets and can provide real-time data about customer information, per-day sales, provide fast, smooth and safe electronic payments, and receive customer feedback. IT Solutions Company

  8. Real-time mapping: Mapping target customers, accurate customer data, and real-time customer information. However, Franchisees will require a lot of permissions from the customer, to gain real-time information like location etc.

  9. Offer flexibility: Franchisees must have the flexibility to create their campaigns if need be to promote their products and services. This helps your Franchisees to mould a Franchisor’s brand and marketing ideas according to their best knowledge and skills, yet maintain the original business model as a yardstick.

IT Services Franchise Opportunities can surely help your business build a strong network of Franchisees and customers with the help of our Franchise Management Software that has in-built advanced tools. . Hence, Alpha InfoLab believes in sharing its business opportunities with others and build their own entrepreneurial goals by customizing and aligning the software according to your business goals, models and infrastructure and offer all-in-one solutions.

Alpha InfoLab, being an IT Solutions Company, also has its Franchise Program where it invites Franchisees to earn healthy commissions by marketing our Digital Marketing products and services from anywhere.

For further queries about us or our Franchise Program connect here.

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