So, when was the last time you inquired about the version of internet your internet service provider supplies to you? We bet, nobody asks them because they are unaware of the two main versions of the internet, IP v4, and IP v6. IPv6 is the newest and next generation of the internet that everyone must start using. This means we must let go of IPv4.

Food for thought: How many devices does your business connect to the internet?

According to Statista 2022 report, IoT (Internet of Things) connected devices around the world could increase to 30.9 billion units by 2025. This will be an accelerated increase from 13.8 billion units in 2021. The data shows IoT devices, however, if business digitalization is looked at closer, there are other next-generation technologies. The rise in the number of devices connected to the internet could be much higher. IPv4 is incapable to connect the next-generation devices. Thus, IPv6 technology is the future of sustainable internet.

Ipv6 and technology transformation:

When you digitize your businesses using IPv6, you will tremendously see the improvement in the services provided by you to your clients and customers. For example, if your business software uses AI or Artificial Intelligence to relay real-time logistics to your clients. Then IPv6 is much more efficient to provide the right logistics data to your clients. This is because IP v6 is better able to carry bigger packets of data across, in a safer and smarter way. IPv6 is smart to integrate with AI and also can securely deliver packets with high encryption and authentication processes.


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Benefits of IPv6 Enhanced Innovation to Businesses, Boost IP network capabilities:  

IP network capabilities of your business can be boosted through IPv6 enhanced innovation in six different aspects:

Omnipresent IPv6 Connectivity:

When a customer walks into your store, they are automatically connected to the store’s website and can access the store products, any sale information, etc. This is omnipresent connectivity within a business setup. If customers get real-time information about products or other people buying products on the online store or a walk-in store, then they are compelled to buy more. That is the power of IPv6.

Superfast bandwidth and low latency:

Bandwidth that is superfast keeps shoppers on your website and buying the products they love. Lagging internet connection is in the past, IPv6 has revolutionized the fast-paced way customers shop online or in the shops.

Business Automation:

Machine automation or even software automation within a business can streamline the way your business interacts with your clients and customers. Prompt solutions or problem-solving can help increase customer delight and improve customer service.


IPv6 is secure internet because it provides encryption, authentication, and authorization to access sensitive information.

IPv6 Enhanced Innovation is the way forward:

IPv6 enhanced innovation will pave the way for businesses to function seamlessly and in agile environments. With an internet that is high-speed, efficient, flexible, and intelligent. When you upgrade from IPv4 to IPv6, you will undergo and pave the way for the digital development of your business, communities, and countries.

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