The Internet had taken the world by surprise when it first came into the public phase and later into our homes. Now we cannot live without it. It has connected small-town businesses from India with multi-national companies in Japan, and so on. It has brought the world much closer too, especially when information travels within seconds from one place to another, especially witnessed during the COVID-19 pandemic. Businesses who had always preferred doing offline business has to go online in search of new avenues and new customers. This is where buyers and sellers of IPv4 bid for IPs when they want to Buy’ And sell ‘Lease’ IPv4 Addresses.

The Difference Between 'Buy' And 'Lease' IPv4 Addresses?
The Difference Between ‘Buy’ And ‘Lease’ IPv4 Addresses?

The internet, specifically IPv4 (4th version of the internet protocol) has run out of IP addresses in all RIR’s except the AFRINIC. Businesses can still buy or lease IPv4 addresses using an IPv4 secondary marketplace like A marketplace like this is where buyers and sellers of IPv4 bid for IPs when they want to buy/ lease/ sell.

There are various aspects one must look at before knowing why you want to buy or lease IPv4s:

Buy IPv4:

When you buy IPv4 address , you are giving your organization total control over the traffic that goes through it

You are provided with better security against hackers.

You may require to build a bigger network like you are in the website hosting business, and will need to share IP addresses with your clients or even lease IPv4 address space to other organisations and monetise.

If you view it as an investment opportunity. If you have the capital to buy IP blocks now, just go for it, as at some point in the future if you want you can place unused blocks or IP address for sale, through a registered IPv4 Broker and earn profits. But, don’t think that the prices will skyrocket like cryptocurrencies, but it will be worthwhile.

Lease IPv4:

Rent IPv4 address that are private IPs without paying a lot. It is useful when you require IP addresses for short term penetration testing, so leasing turns out to be much cheaper.

Even if you require it for long term function like Business projects like data scraping, data analytics etc., leasing for that period turns out to be cost-efficient.

It can be considered as lowering capital use from your operational expenditure.

When your organization is considering the option to move to IPv6, IPv4 leasing is cost-effective as you do not have to buy IPs just to make the transition to IPv6.

So, now you know why and when a business may need to buy or lease IPv4 addresses. However, whether you decide to buy or lease IPv4, it is important that you go through a reputed and trusted IPv4 Service Provider and Broker like Alpha InfoLab.

Alpha InfoLab is the member of APNIC, ARIN, RIPE and LACNIC RIRs. Alpha InfoLab has the experience and knowledge to conduct thorough and transparent vetting of each buyer or seller or lessor of IPv4 addresses.

If you want to buy or sell or lease IPv4s, then connect with our IPv4 experts to know the best option for your future organizational goals.

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