The IPv4 address market is expanding in the backgrounds. There are definitely more people selling and buying IPs. At Alpha InfoLab, we have experienced increased enquiries from buyers, sellers and brokers who are willing to buy / lease/rent IPv4 addresses.

The RIRs (Regional Internet Registry) have almost exhausted IPs, IPv4 addresses are fast running out, but the IPv4 secondary market is teeming with buyers and sellers. In the secondary market, it is an advantage for buyers and sellers to deal with IPs between different RIRs.


How can a business know if it needs to buy or lease or sell IPv4 address space?

Following are the reasons why businesses may require IPs:

  1. When a business requires IPs for a testing website or any other IT testing.

  2. When a business has many users and requires IPs to provide for an increasing number of users and devices.

  3. When an IPv4 Service Provider is looking to implement and provide both IPv4 and IPv6 using translation services.

  4. When a business is looking to implement advanced technologies like Cloud, Network, Mobile, IOT, etc. to connect to multiple devices.

  5. When a business is looking to generate revenue for themselves or by shifting to IPv6 only, by putting their Ipv4 IP address for sale.

  6. When a business is growing or expecting to grow in the future will require IPs, like an educational institution etc. Lease Ipv4 Address Space

  7. When a business needs to send bulk marketing emails, it may require dedicated IP blocks.

  8. It is used when a business wants to cater to data communication multicast.

  9. Businesses that do not have the budget to implement IPv6 just yet, so, can use translation or dual-stack to enable and route traffic from both IPv4 and IPv6.


Following are the things to keep in mind when you are looking to buy IPv4 address or lease IPv4 addresses:

  1. You approach a reputed and professional authorised IPv4 Broker that is recognised and approved by RIRs.

  2. The IPv4 broker has prior experience of transferring IPs.

  3. The Broker also has a good track record and has established a good reputation.

  4. A good broker will investigate the buyer and seller, before establishing a deal

  5. The rules, regulations and guidelines are followed properly by the Broker.

  6. You can bid for IPs on a transparent exchange platform.

  7. Vetting for clean and good quality IPs is done thoroughly by the broker.

There are different types of IP addresses and every business may require different types of IPs to read more on how IPs can help your business grow.

When a business is looking for IPs to buy or lease or sell, then a good place to start bidding for IPs is on an IPv4 Exchange Platform like A good exchange platform will also provide brokerage services, like Alpha Infolab, an Buy Ipv4 Address.

When your business is looking to buy or sell or lease IPv4s, you need not look beyond Alpha InfoLab.

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