Digital Marketing is an important part of a business lifecycle and every business that runs online or offline needs to get on the Digital Marketing bandwagon. Businesses are understanding this trend and any industry is nearly 13% increase in digital marketing budget as per a Statista report in February 2020, compared to 11.8% in 2019. This number most definitely must have increased in 2020, owing to the pandemic and lockdown. Businesses that were offline once resurfaced and invested heavily on Digital Marketing by hiring a trusted Digital Marketing Service Provider. Grow your business with our Advanced Digital Marketing services. It helps to increase online sales and drive highly targeted traffic to your website.

How To Grow Your Business With Digital Marketing Services
How To Grow Your Business With Digital Marketing Services

But, why go with Digital Marketing? Digital Marketing is a wide field with many types of marketing that are done digitally or over the internet. The most popular types of Digital Marketing that businesses benefit from are:


Email Marketing:

Email Marketing can be said to be one of the oldest Digital marketing techniques that are still very helpful to businesses. Using advanced tools and integration with Apps are inbuilt features provided by a Bulk Mail Service Provider, that are useful and effective for businesses to reach a new audience and reach realistic revenue goals. According to statistics by DMA in 2019, the ROI (return on investment) in Email Marketing is up to 4200%. Which shows that for $1 you invest in email marketing you get a return of $42, which is exponentially high when compared to other kinds of Marketing types.


Search Engine Marketing is another very effective marketing arena that has had a huge impact on businesses. Search Engines have driven nearly 95% traffic to websites according to a report by Omnicoreagency. Search Engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo have a high influence on which links get shown in a search. For this Search Engine Optimization on your business website is a good strategy to go about, as it is cost-effective and receives 3X more leads than paid search advertising and traditional marketing. The conversion rate for SEO is 14.6% according to a report published by the same agency. SEO also depends on Website code, which embeds technical optimization codes, hence it is a good idea to use the help of a Website Design And Development Company and Website Designing Service Provider.


Social Media Marketing is also a very popular medium to get businesses to connect with a new audience through various social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest etc. These platforms have a way of connecting people across borders through various social groups and this is how nearly 43% of online retail stores have seen traffic coming to their websites from social platforms. Brand Identity Company

Content marketing:

Content Marketing generally is talking about a blog page or a Blog website which helps to promote a business. Here Content is the king and this content must be curated in such a way that it is helping to market products and services of a business. Around 80% of blogs reinforce their content through email marketing. Content Marketing is the third most important task for business-to-business marketing after brand building and social media engagement.

Affiliate Marketing:

Affiliate Marketing is a great way for any business to reach a wider audience, by joining an Affiliate Program or running itself. In 2020, Affiliate Marketing was expected to see $6.8 million in sales. Companies that hire an Online Affiliate Marketing Services, see around 30% rise in their revenue.

So, the above statistics show that Digital marketing is here to stay and help generate revenue and help businesses grow, especially when your business hires a reputed Online Marketing Agency and Brand Identity Company like Alpha InfoLab.

For more information on how to capitalize with Digital Marketing, connect with the Digital Marketing Team at Alpha InfoLab.

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